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We will open for you a completely new, unfamiliar world of modern technologies. It's time to upgrade the modern home and bring down the technologies of the elite.

What Is It?

A Home Server goes hand in hand with Web3 - a decentralized network. Home Server is the command center to your home network.

Home Server - Privacy

The Home Server installs on a server or workstation and allows you to install apps. An app is hosted on your home server, so the data never leaves your hands.

Home Server - Apps

There is an untapped market that ties into the trend of self-hosting. The Home Server allows you to install apps for the whole family to access.

Home Server - Automation

With built in support for popular home automation protocols, you can use IFTTT to create custom reactions to sensors, camera motion, and much more.

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Thank you for checking out Eanix. We are working on something really cool that ties in with awesome-selfhosted, self-hosted podcast, ease of use, and more. The intent of this project is to create what many celebrities and wealthy individuals have, but at a cost that the lower middle class can...


Setting Up OpenCanary (a Honeypot) Using Docker-Compose

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Who We Are

We Bring Technologies To Your Life

This is a work in progress and there is more to develop. Here are some ways you can use your home server.

Your home-server does more than just apps – it’s intended to leap your tech world forward


Easily collaborate on a variety of project types. Collaboration is at the center of a home server and what it is fundamentally based on. Apps share data and you work with others within the same apps.

Social Media

Discover the Fediverse and explore new methods of accessing social media, with no censorship, with you under control of your data, and with privacy you control.

Home Automation

Control everything in your home, from lights to to the thermostat. Set up routines and create actions based on real world information such as the weather.

Video Surveillance

Monitor your IP cameras with real time AI. Detect motion, faces, objects, people, and more—all fully integrated with your home automation to take action.

Parental Controls & Security

Protect your child from content that may harm them in the future. Secure your network with threat monitoring and intrusion prevention.

Ad Blocking

Take control of your network and disable advertising for everyone so that you and your children are not susceptible to harmful topics such as weight loss or even suicide.

Remote Access

Easily access your setup remotely, from anywhere in the world. Stream movies, your desktop, full 4K 120 fps games, and more. The quality you can stream will depend on your internet connection.


Run your own websites, from a blog to an e-commerce store, all from your home, with typically a 98% or higher uptime. Uptime is dependent on the internet and power providers.

Personal Cloud & Backups

Much like you would with a Google Drive or Google Photos, you can have your phone set to backup to the server.

App Store

Apps that use our SDK can be purchased for about $5 to about $20 per app. Many apps may be free. Apps are accessible by your entire household—great for room mates or parents that want to engage the family in a new way.

Password Management

Securely store passwords for yourself, your household, and friends. Access them at any time, from any of your devices.


Run your own Netflix, manage and keep track of photos (sharing them to digital photo frames throughout the house), manage your music and podcasts, and more!

Our Slogan

Do More, With Less

It means getting more out of your computer, whether in terms of productivity or computing power.

Can't Wait? Build your own

Guides & Tutorials

We have guides and tutorials available to help get you started. You can check them out along with our hardware buying guide by clicking on Guides & Tutorials in the top menu.   We also have a work-in-progress guide that explains how to assemble a home server from scratch using custom hardware purchased from Newegg. You can check that out here.

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Capabilities & Features

The Eanix Home Server runs on Debian Linux and consists of an app store with the ability to automatically update and manage your apps, giving the home server a wide variety of capabilities and features. The possibilities are endless. We put you in control.

Coming Soon: Features

  • Single Sign On Authentication Use the same account across multiple applications, with support for multi-factor authentication and FIDO2 security keys. Powered By: OAuth2-Proxy, Keycloak, Eanix Users
  • Reverse Proxy  Hide your entire suite of apps behind a domain name you control. Securely. Powered By: Nginx Proxy Manager, Eanix Domain Management
  • Automatic HTTPS Automatic SSL certificates so that all your pages are transmitted securely. Powered by Let’s Encrypt & Certbot. Powered By: Nginx Proxy Manager, Eanix Domain Management
  • Bot Protection Protect against bots, DDOS, and spam. Powered By: Nginx
  • User Management invite, setup, and share user account credentials with friends and family. Powered By: Keycloak, Eanix Users
  • Apps Docker containers transition to a new form: apps. Environment variables, volumes, and networks are fully managed, yet customizable. Powered By: Docker, Docker-Compose, Eanix Apps
  • Hypervisor Platform The entire platform is built on top of a hypervisor so that multiple operating systems can be ran simultaneously. This makes it easier to run your favorite software and provides a more robust security layer in the event of an attack. Powered By: Proxmox, Eanix Server Manager
  • Self-Healing Operating System In the event of a corrupt or failed virtual machine, a new VM will be deployed and data recovered, automatically. Powered By: Ansible, Eanix Safe Light
  • Storage Management Manage your storage in one location. Create and use storage in a software RAID configuration. Powered By: Proxmox, ZFS, Eanix Storage Manager
  • Home Automation Power your entire home with IFTTT automation. Specify what happens when someone is detected on one of your cameras, whether that be turn the light on, send a text, or sound an alarm. Powered By: Home Assistant OS, Node-Red, Eanix Smart Home
  • Router / Advanced Firewall Built in router and firewall with AdBlock, intrusion detection, and threat monitoring. Powered By: Arista, PiHole, Eanix Router & Firewall

Simple Mode or Advanced Mode, You Decide!

Since Eanix is built on top of other applications, you always have the option to dive into the real application that Eanix controls. If you want to learn the individual components powering your home server, it’s an option. Otherwise, Eanix will handle the complicated parts for you, giving you an easy to use interface to manage your home server.

Coming Soon: Pro Features

  • Email Relay Host your own email server, but use our IP address that has already been cleared with major mail providers to be spam free. 
  • Dynamic DNS Get a custom domain name such as yourname.eanix.sh that is automatically dynamically updated when your IP address changes.
  • Cloud Backups Backup your data directly to our cloud. We offer end-to-end encrypted storage at great rates.
  • Technical Support Having problems with your home server? App not wanting to work properly? We’ll dive into the change log, identify and report any issues, and roll you back to a working version. All included.

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