Dashboard (iGoogle Clone)

Years back Google had a product called iGoogle. It was a dashboard that loaded RSS feeds into it so that you can see an overview of all activity across the sites. It was perfect for the “check once a morning” or “check once a night” crowd, like myself.

The purpose of this app is to demonstrate the capability of Home Server by releasing a iGoogle replacement that runs entirely from your server in your home. 

Initially this would only be for RSS feeds, but in the future it could be for calendars and other features. A good example of a calendar would be to have all known test days and homework due dates for students, with their parents able to view them as well.

Since this data is pulled into the Home Server, it doesn’t take much to set up and assign permissions to each user to use it. I have a running feature list that I intend to work on. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help out please feel free to reach out using the contact form or by email to [email protected]

This app is intended to be the first app that officially supports Home Server by Eanix.

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