Home Server – Hypervisor

Each Home Server  will, at the hardware level, be running a Hypervisor. I have had great success using ESXi’s free option that limits a processor count to 8. I do not  plan on using ESXi for the Home Server, and instead I plan to use alternate open source options that get baked into a distro.

Ideally the Hypervisor will be extremely lightweight and be able to run Untangle firewall along with a app VM that houses the apps available. There is also another small sever that I have named edge. Edge has a reverse proxy that redirects to the internal services. 

This could take some work if nothing is out there already that is similar, as I would much rather customize an existing project than start from scratch for a Hypervisor.

If you have any suggestions please reach out. I’m actually going to be developing the Dashboard prior to deep-diving into a  Hypervisor, so I may not respond to  all suggestions right off the bat as I will likely validate your idea.

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