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Social media today, where this major conglomerate has millions of messages a day running on their servers, is the opposite of the purpose of the home server. Big Data as they call it is the entire purpose of these companies. They can process information, performing studies on their userbase, and with some hell-bent on world domination (Elon… still unsure)

Anyway, on your home server you run your social media also. You can do it in 3 ways, private, so only you. Semi-private, so you and family. Lastly, public, where you basically just quit your day job to be a moderator.

With Home Server, Mastadon will be included as an “app” that simplifies the installation and allows you to join other people’s social media network. If your neighbor¬† had one also then you could communicate back and forth from server to server. Since from what I heard, the one who manages the server is also responsible for it’s contents. In a typical household, one or both of the parents would be those people.

I just gave Mastadon a shot myself and so far I like it. I am still unsure on what determines what I see, or if there is any kind of search functionality (wouldn’t a major index need to be built?). I have a good amount of questions, but I am confident that it will integrate well with Eanix.net. One of the statements in the video above was that no one trusts anyone running it, and that is more or less true, which is why the parents run it for their household and not the neighbor.

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