We’re Still Here

I know it’s been a little while since the last post. I just wanted to update everyone and let everyone know that we are still here and still pushing for a new approach.

Since our last post, it looks like Mastodon has taken off quite well. I have made effort to install Mastadon on my home server as a demo, but as of yet have not had any luck with the instructions they provided to install it. Hopefully in the future that will change and you can see what it’s like to run a Mastodon instance on your own personal server.

I also wanted to briefly touch on Briefing, my iGoogle clone that I have been working on, albeit barely. The app now pulls RSS feeds and updates the state of the widgets. It still needs a way to add/edit/remove RSS feeds of course, which I will get around too in the near future (hopefully).

See for yourself a preview below:

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