Free Software

In case you are wondering what open source, or free software, is, here is a few videos from Europe explaining what they are. While this is unrelated to Eanix, it still fits the principal of Web 3.0. The states in America could come together (as 3, 10, 40, 50, whatever) and build the platform. A bill would be a feature or module – so tax collection/reporting can be utilized by multiple states in the way they see fit. 

Let’s say Texas used sales tax and Lousiana used wage tax. If Texas wanted to use wage tax, the infrastructure would mostly already be in place. Reporting would be standardized to an extent. Just an example, and this would apply to any of the features.

In America there is the 2/3 rule, governors using the software could utilize an Activity Pub style connected platform and bond together again against the fed, potentially rebuilding the fed altogether.

This means that other states could even pick up the load for server usage, say if there is an increased number of unemployment requests in Texas. Louisana or even New Jersey could pick up the slack. With a credit system to keep track of the usage sharing.

While I personally prefer Linux, Microsoft’s .NET 8.0 has native support for containers and I believe WIndows Server has support for containers as well. Containers make the projects more portable and isolated from each other. .NET Core allows it to work on Linux. 

Again these are just examples, but with the money recently invested into the IRS it could easily be invested into software. The videos below go into more details. 

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