App Showcase: Mealie – Family Meal Planning

"Recipe Management For The Modern Household"

“Mealie is an intuitive and easy to use recipe management app. It’s designed to make your life easier by being the best recipes management experience on the web and providing you with an easy to use interface to manage your growing collection of recipes.” –

Mealie is one of the more popular apps designed for family use on a home server or NAS appliance. It has a thorough and well thought out interface with all the features you need to manage your family’s meal planning. It supports multiple users so that each person in the family can have an account. 

One of the primary features is being able to pull recipes from recipe websites by scraping the content of the website into a “recipe” in Mealie, which actually works quite well for most websites. It supports tags and makes it easy to search and decide as a family what you want for each day of the week.

Since Mealie is an HTML5 app, like other apps you would have installed on a home server / NAS, it can be added to your mobile device’s home screen and used as if it were a native mobile app on your phone or tablet while sharing the data across all of your families devices. No mobile app from the Play Store / App Store is necessary to use Mealie. 

I definitely recommend this app and if you get the chance you should definitely give it a try. Mealie is available as a Docker container for simple installation either with Docker Desktop, Docker Compose, or an app store (such as the non-existent Eanix Store). If you are interested in setup instructions click here.

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