The Unofficial-Official Case Of Eanix Home Servers

The Fractal Define 7 XL is the unofficial-official case of the Eanix Home Servers. This case has adamant cooling, loads of hard drive bays (18+) to hold all of the disks for the built in Network Attached Storage, as well as room for more than one GPU. The drive bays are just as easy to get to as a NAS, if you ask me, and come undone with 2 cables and 1 screw (+ 4 small screws once it’s out of the case to take off the bracket).

The Fractal Define 7 XL does not have a bay for a DVD/Bluray drive that would be necessary to rip movies for backup purposes, however as long as you have a SKU that you purchased we believe a digital copy would be difficult to argue in court by the movie industry. It’s a tricky question, as breaking DRM for Blu-ray and DVD’s is illegal in most countries, as is downloading from BitTorrent and the like. Owning a SKU would negate the “stealing” claim and I suppose forfeit your pirate status.

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