Cosmos Self-Hosted Server

“Cosmos is a self-hosted platform for running server applications securely and with built-in privacy features. It acts as a secure gateway to your application, as well as a server manager. It aims to solve the increasingly worrying problem of vulnerable self-hosted applications and personal servers.”

Cosmos Server

Cosmos Server Features

Cosmos is a take on what Eanix aims to do, too. If you are looking for something more immediate give Cosmos a look, as it covers many of the same features that we intend to.

Some of those key features are: 

  • Secure Authentication 👦👩 Connect to all your applications with the same account, including strong security and multi-factor authentication
  • Latest Encryption Methods 🔒🔑 To encrypt your data and protect your privacy. Security by design, and not as an afterthought
  • Reverse Proxy 🔄🔗 Reverse Proxy included, with a UI to easily manage your applications and their settings
  • Automatic HTTPS 🔑📜 certificates provisioning with Certbot / Let’s Encrypt
  • Anti-Bot 🤖❌ protections such as Captcha and IP rate limiting
  • Anti-DDOS 🔥⛔️ protections such as variable timeouts/throttling, IP rate limiting and IP blacklisting
  • Proper User Management 🪪 ❎ to invite your friends and family to your applications without awkardly sharing credentials. Let them request a password change with an email rather than having you unlock their account manually!
  • Container Management 🐋🔧 to easily manage your containers and their settings, keep them up to date as well as audit their security.
  • Modular 🧩📦 to easily add new features and integrations, but also run only the features you need (for example No docker, no Databases, or no HTTPS)
  • Visible Source 📖📝 for full transparency and trust
All of these are necessary features for an entry-level self-host’r to have to ensure that their environment is secure. One simply cannot rely on the projects themselves to be secure, especially when often times individual hobbyists or even kids build them.

Current State Of Eanix Server

Eanix differs slightly in that we do not plan on building a lot of the core functionality ourselves. Instead we plan to rely on 3rd party projects, such as NginxProxyManager, and API calls. Eventually we may find it necessary to develop our own tools, but initially it makes more sense to use something that is already well tested and stable. 

Regardless, the race is on. Between Umbrel, YUNOHost, various NAS appliances, and now Cosmos Server, there is clear demand out there to make the self-hosting world easier to get into. I thankfully have yet to be hacked, but I am also above average when it comes to technology. Plus, I’ve dedicated the last 2-3 years to building what I have now, improving on functionality and security over time. 

I have decided that before I take on building this project, I want to prove that I have the credentials to be capable. I recently purchased a 1-year membership to Coursera and started Google’s certificate programs for Data Analytics, IT Support, IT Automation. Of which I am 1/8, 3/5, and almost 2/6, respectively. The non-technical aspects of Data Analytics are a bit new to me, but the IT Support and IT Automation courses are something I can blow through rather quickly. 

Regardless of whether or not Eanix becomes it’s own Server Operating Platform, we’ll be here to inform you of any new achievements in the field of self-hosted and hopefully provide you with guides and tutorials from us and other sources along the way.

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