Smart Home Automation With An Eanix Server

“Home Assistant has announced an in-house Zigbee communications dongle, designed to add Zigbee, Matter, and later multi-network Thread support to Home Assistant OS servers via USB: the SkyConnect.”

 “The Home Assistant SkyConnect is the easiest way to add Zigbee support to your Home Assistant instance and make it Matter-ready,” the company explains of its device, referring to the recently-finalized royalty-free home automation communications standard Matter — formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP). “A future firmware update will bring Thread support, allowing SkyConnect to power your Matter and Zigbee networks at the same time.”

The SkyConnect dongle provides true support for smart home technologies directly to you. Currently it only works with the Home Assistant OS, which is why we have chosen to build on top of a hypervisor instead of just Docker containers. It allows for native hardware requirements to be met as the devices would be passed through from the hardware to the virtual that needed them. This includes PCI Express cards such as a GPU, that might power your video transcoding and, in the future, your smart assistant.

With our design, there really isn’t a limit to the power of your home server. It can do anything that software exists to make it do. The trick is to make it user friendly, which is what Eanix aims to do.

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