Eanix Origins


This isn’t the first time Eanix has been around. In fact, in the early 2000s it existed in the form of EanixLive. You can still find some posts on webhostingtalk.com about it. 

Now it’s back as Eanix. Instead of being a web hosting service this time the server comes to you. 

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Innovation technologies

“If the pre-internet/web1 era favored publishers, and the web2 era favored the platforms, the next generation of innovations — collectively known as web3 — is all about tilting the scales of power and ownership back toward creators and users.” – Li Jin

The Home Server project embraces Web 3.0 by increasing the number of devices in the decentralized and autonomous world.



There is a lot of push back on this topic from Hollywood and the FBI, and I’m not surprised at any  of the lengths they went through to eliminate Web 3.0 as it makes it damn near impossible to isolate content and take action on it.


They say that encrypted content prevents them from doing their jobs – but without it we would be enslaved (seems to be a work  in progress already). I recall when could use an app called Facesniff. HTTPS wasn’t widely adopoted yet by the big tech companies, allowing all of their users to be attacked if they didn’t ownt he network. Facesniff allowed me to log in to Facebook as any user that was actively viewing Facebook.


In regard to social media, Mastodon has made great strides to provide decentralized social media in the fediverse. The Fediverse is a group of Web3 apps – mostly social media.