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Check out our guides & tutorials below. We are still in the process of adding more, which may take some time. There are multiple skill level options available for each tutorial: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner runs on Windows with Docker Desktop, Intermediate runs on Ubuntu 22.04, and Advanced runs on ProxMox with Linux VMs.


Recommended Hardware Requirements

Buy It Now ~$400+

Minimum Recommended Hardware

 – 4 Core CPU (Ryzen 5 or i5 Series or higher)
 – 8 GB RAM
 – 500 GB HDD

 – Gaming Hardware w/ Nvidia GPU


Recommended Hardware

 – 6+ Core CPU (Ryzen 7 or i7 Series or higher)
 – 16+ GB RAM
 – 256-500 GB Primary NVMe HDD

 – 1+ TB Second HDD w/ Sata Ports To Expand

 – Gaming or Workstation Hardware w/ Nvidia GPU

We recommend using an Intel or AMD CPU over an arm64 CPU such as the Raspberry Pi 4b, however, a Raspberry pi 4b 8GB model with a 128-256GB SD card will work as well. 


You want the gaming computer or workstation for a few primary reasons:

 – You get an adequate Power Supply

 – It comes with a graphics card

 – It has multiple SATA ports

 – The cases typically have room for additional hard drives



All of these are something to look for when buying for a home server. If you need more than 3 simultaneous streams for transcoding, you will need a workstation GPU. 


A workstation GPU is recommended for running any virtual assistants or machine learning as well, please check VRAM requirements before purchase.


If you already have a PC then the beginner tutorials will guide you through setting up Docker Desktop so that you can test out containers. This set up is *not recommended* for production (every day) use cases. If you plan to use it every day, we recommend using the intermediate tutorials on separate hardware from your current Windows or Linux desktop.


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